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Buy Wool from our own Jacob Sheep


We have had fleeces from our own Jacob Sheep professionally spun into knitting wool.

Natural Fibre Company Halifax Spinning Company

Your chance to buy knitting wool made from the fleeces of Jacob sheep contentedly grazing the sweet grass of the beautiful Rossendale Hills.

The wool is supplied in skeins or balls (see below), each of 100 grammes, and comes in several colourways created from the naturally coloured Jacob fleeces without the use of dyes.

NEW: We have sent a small quantity of our white DK Jacob wool along with some dark grey Jacob DK and some of our natural grey five-ply Guernsey wool to the Natural Fibre Company to be dyed. Overdying the grey has produced some excitingly subtle colours -
guernsey coloursdk colours

See them here.
Samples available here.

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Order Samples here.
woolcat2-3 (25K)

Our DK range, spun by the Natural Fibre Company (apart from "Pearl" which is new stock from Halifax Spinning Company):
Our newest yarn PEARL is from the natural undyed white fleece and knits into a creamy white fabric with the subtle marbled effect characteristic of Jacob wool.
CHARCOAL UMBER reflects the deep warm black of the Jacob's "spots".
In addition we offer an interesting "marled" yarn created from a mixture of the two threads and named after the lacy plumage of rare-breed chickens which it resembles. MARAN SPECKLE is a three-ply DK comprising of two dark Jacob threads plied with one white thread.

We have just added six dyed colourways to this range. Though this has increased the price we have kept the surcharge to Cost.

Regretfully, we have found we were losing heavily on postage, so we have had to add 50p per skein towards this. Postage within the UK is therefore still offered free, i.e. without extra charge. If you place a large order Post and Packing will be charged at Cost: if the included postage is more than necessary, a refund will be made for the difference. (Overseas customers please email for postage prices.)

The Natural Fibre Company offers a range of patterns suitable for knitting in pure wool, or the wool can be used for any double knitting pattern provided it will knit to the tension specified in your pattern. roses1-1 (10K) The versatility of the wool is illustrated by its use in pictureknits such as the sample swatch shown. The design is from Sue Bradley's book "Cotton Collection". This book features a chequerboard cardigan using plain and bouclé cotton yarn which can easily be adapted to use this plain and marl effect pure wool yarn. Sue's books are a goldmine of inspiration and can still be obtained on Amazon: try this link for her knitting books, also here for more recent publications.

There are links to free patterns and design ideas here

guernseysample1-Optimized (14K) We have had one batch of fleeces made into a guernsey yarn, spun for us by the Natural Fibre Company. It is a lovely soft, silver-grey FIVE PLY WORSTED-SPUN GENUINE GUERNSEY WOOL. The worsted process is more expensive than woollen spinning and so the 100 gram hanks were originally more expensive than the DK, but we are able to offer this yarn at the same price because all spinning prices have gone up since we had the Guernsey wool spun. Fine yarns go further, and worsted yarn is harder wearing than woollen-spun yarn and finer. This means that this yarn, although five ply, can be used as four ply in four-ply patterns to make, for example, socks, and should wear better than items knitted with four-ply woollen-spun yarn. A good idea would be to use this yarn for the feet of the socks and do the legs in one of those glorious random-dyed wools that are available. The latter are usually very expensive and this method would enable you to get two pairs of socks out of one skein of the special yarn.
Used double, it would equate roughly to our other, double knitting, wool - this effectively gives another colour to the dk range. It was spun to make genuine guernsey sweaters, of course, and should be ideal for this. It knits up beautifully on very small needles (old British sizes 10 and 12).
The Natural Fibre Company has overdyed some of this yarn for us into three lovely colours to complement the natural grey: green, blue and mauve. They are shown below. We are pleased to announce that The Natural Fibre Company has spun us a second batch of the natural grey and also dyed some of it mauve: these two colours sold so well that we had run out!


vwhirl1-Optimized (66K)The Halifax Spinning Company spun for us a lovely variegated/self-striping DK which is very exciting. The spinning process is technically very clever as the natural colours of the wool have to be spun end to end and then aligned when the strands are plied up. If you are interested in buying a whole cone of this wool please email us to see what is available. This very special wool is full of possibilities and could transform a cable-knit sweater into something quite extraordinary. Our sample swatches perform as well as our other wools in the washing machine (i.e. it does not appear to shrink at all when washed on the wool cycle) and we will post pictures of garments made from it as they are ready.

largesample2-Optimized (25K)The swatch shown was knitted at sweater-width to show how the stripes would pan out over a garment. One skein makes a lovely dye-effect scarf (see below), but you would have to begin knitting from the skein near a colour change to ensure the change would occur in a smaller item such as a hat.

Some of the skeins include more of the dark with the white, some feature more subtle changes through grey and white, some change via a marled effect for a short distance - please specify which you prefer when ordering, otherwise skeins will be sent randomly.


Pearl dk
charcoal umberdisplay1-1 (12K)
Charcoal Umber dk
skeins2-Optimized (13K)
Variegated/self-striping DK
marandisplay1-2 (11K)
Maran Speckle dk
guernseygrey (28K)
Silver Grey worsted-spun five-ply guernsey yarn
Guernsey yarn colours, produced by overdying Jacob grey: Green, Blue and Mauve.
greenpinkplumpurple turquoiseblue
Double knitting dyed colours: Green, Pink, Plum, Purple, Turquoise and Blue.
Green, Purple and Blue are overdyed Jacob natural grey, the Pink Plum and Turquoise are dyed Jacob White.
Please make your choice below: you can then alter the quantities required by visiting your Shopping Cart. Postal charge contribution is included: no further postage will be added at checkout.
REDUCE RE-USE RECYCLE Packaging will be reused/recycled where possible in accordance with our Green ethic
Samples are available separately at a cost of 75p: please order using this Paypal button if you only want samples
(A sample card is included free with any order: please email us or add a note at checkout if you would like to be sent more than one).

100g (Approx 210 metres) SKEINS DK,
3 Natural Colourways
Choose skein colour
100g (Approx 210 metres) SKEINS DK,
Six dyed colour options
Choose dyed Colour
100g (Approx 210 metres) BALLS DK,
Choose from three natural colours
Choose ball colour
100g (Approx 210 metres) BALLS DK,
Six dyed colour options
Choose ball colour
100 g self-striping DK - one skein is enough to make a scarf. There are very limited stocks of skeins of this colourway left, and some of these have a more speckled than self-striping appearance. They are pictured here.






100g (approx. 245 metres) genuine worsted-spun 5-ply GUERNSEY wool. Natural grey and dyed mauve are now back in stock: please note these are a different batch to the original and we cannot guarantee to match any old stock you may still have.


Our new SINGLE PLY ARAN GRITSTONE wool yarn. Spun from the Gritsone fleeces of our neighbours on the surrounding hills. Available in plain and wrapped versions. Sold in 100 g skeins, handy to dye (acrylic wrapping thread will resist dye to give an interesting contrast effect). "Cuddle" is the plain aran wool, "Twist" is wrapped with a white acrylic thread, "Gold" is wrapped with a brown acrylic thread giving the effect of a gold contrast, and "Glitter" is wrapped with a navy-blue-and-silver-lurex thread, making a nice sparkly contrast. Lovely on 5mm needles. Pattern support coming soon.
cuddleGritstone Cuddle
twistGritstone Twist
goldGritstone Gold
glittersqGritstone Glitter
cuddlesq twistsq goldsq
Gritstone Cuddle, Twist and Gold sample squares.

jumper bodywarmerhatsargylesweater
  Waistcoat by Mrs. Sheila Riley.
Open mesh crochet base threaded
with wool in various colours.
hat (7K) sunray sweater cable waistcoat tiger jumper
Hat: free pattern at
Sunray Sweater: free pattern at
Beautiful cable waistcoat made by Helen's MumJumper made up as we went along: crocheted using guernsey wool doubled, and tiger design adapted from a cross-stitch chart worked in our four original dk yarns.
Jacobs Jacketsilkjersey (10K)guernseycloseup (28K)woollyteddybear-Optimized (8K)
Jacket made by Mrs. Sheila RileyJumper made to showcase a skein of recycled silk yarn: pattern adapted from Sue Bradley's book "Stitches in Time". Traditional Guernsey made in our worsted five-ply woolBeautiful teddybear made by Zuzana Hrabcakova
scarf2-Optimized (10K)scarf, random woolsleeveless pullover 005-Optimized (12K)
Scarf made with our self-striping wool.Another scarf made with our self-striping woolSleeveless pullover in our self-striping woolHat, free pattern on at - register/sign in then search for designer "Woolie Batt"
blocksscarf-Optimized (10K)007-Optimized (9K)spiralbag-Optimized-1 (8K) shawl
Scarf, free pattern at heart gift bagSpiral effect bag made from crocheted Granny squaresGorgeous shawl made by Zuzana Hrabcakova using our self-striping dk.
Scarflets made with our dyed dk and 5-ply guernsey wools
Free patterns downloadable here:
DK scarflet
Guernsey 5-ply (or 4-ply)
Jumper made by Irene Lindley using our Pearl and Self-striping DK

Ballband information

Standard Washing Instructions: This product is PURE WOOL and therefore best washed gently by hand at blood heat using only washing powder/liquid intended for wool, or dry cleaned. Do not wring or spin. Drip dry flat and away from heat. We do recommend trying a swatch in your washing machine: our washing machine washes garments made from this wool satisfactorily on the wool cycle at 30° . HOWEVER, washing machines vary, we use eco-friendly washballs rather than detergent, and our premises use natural spring water, so we can take no responsibility for how this wool performs unless washed by hand as above.
Felting: Although this is 100% wool, felters tell us that it is difficult to get Jacob wool to felt. This suggests that it may wash well (see above).
DK Tension: 19 stitches and 27 rows to 10 cm square on 4mm needles.
Five-Ply Tension: 28 stitches and 36 rows to 10 cm square on 2.25mm needles.

Here is the page about the providers of our unique wool products: our flock of Jacob Sheep

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