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Gawmless Walks

There is some wonderful walking to be had in the Rossendale hills, with over 1700 miles of footpaths.

Gawmless End is a private house and is not open to the public. It is reached by a private cart-track not suitable for public vehicular access. However, this is a Public Footpath and very popular with walkers. Here are some directions for a country walk of around a mile and a half which takes you past Gawmless End and provides you with some spectacular views of the Rossendale Valley.

A Gawmless End Circular Walk

Parking is available in the carpark opposite the Travellers' Rest (this is actually the carpark for the "Greenway" or linear park along the route of the old railway. It's a nice walk in itself and leads to a nice "lodge" or lake with ducks, picnic area etc.)

This is only a small carpark - if it is full PLEASE do NOT try and park in Prince Street, which is the unadopted road opposite the carpark entrance. Farm vehicles need access at all times.

From the car park entrance, cross the road and go into Prince Street, entered between two rows of terraced houses, with another row set back and facing you as you enter. Follow the track round to the right, past the front of the facing houses: the track begins to climb and a drystone wall begins on your left. (The houses on your right are also part of Prince Street).

View towards

Shawforth from

Gawmless End

corner -

click to enlargeView back

towards Britannia from

Gawmless End

corner -

click to enlargeContinue climbing past Reddish Hill Farm, when the track levels out. If you get vertigo don't look down to the right! Enjoy the view. At the point where the track turns sharply left you will find Gawmless End, with its famous gable. Stop to admire!

Continue up, past the next farmhouse and up to some stone gateposts with urns on top marking the entrance to the next farmhouse up again: here on your left there is a stile with a signpost. Climb the stile and continue up the sloping field to the next stile, also on your left, and cross this into the next field. You must continue across this field, slightly uphill to the next stile (you will see the footpath signpost).

Climb over this stile and continue forward to where the drystone wall on your right ends, where you will find another stile.

At this point you can look diagonally across this square field (our upper hayfield, so if the grass looks long please proceed in single file because we are probably growing it for hay) and spot the next footpath signpost, in the middle of the far drystone wall. Go over the stile and directly across the field to this signpost (not round the edge or you will have left the footpath - also it can be VERY boggy at the edges of this field!) and go through the little gate.

Proceed to your left on the farm track, through a gateway, down through a cutting and through another gate (please leave all gates as you found them - it is often necessary to keep them fastened to keep grazing livestock in). Turn left, continue down the lane and bear left at the bottom - you will come out onto Rochdale Road behind the Traveller's Rest pub, where the Britannia Coconutters begin their Easter dance.

Wellies or at least stout footwear essential - and you must be able to climb stiles!

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A note about dogs

dogPlease remember that livestock doesn't know that your dog is a softie! A dog does not have to chase a pregnant ewe to cause her to abort from shock. Part of our flock of Jacob sheep lambs in October and pregnant sheep may be present at any time of year.

PLEASE keep your dog firmly on its lead at all times, and stick to the footpath. If your dog is excitable it may be best to leave him at home.
Remember, the "Right to Roam" concessions are NOT applicable on farmland.

The Country Code
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Leave only footprints