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Vic White retires

Vic White outside his Bacup shopBacup's last remaining traditional Pork Butcher, Vic White, closed his St. James' Street shop for the last time on Saturday 28th  October, 2000. He and his father before him had run the shop since 1917; there have been butchers in the family since the seventeenth century. His nephew is a butcher, but trades elsewhere, so this marks the end of an era for Bacup.

"No-one makes sausages like Vic White..."

Victor in the shop The sausages in question use a famously secret recipe of spices, and contain no preservatives. He can remember making sausages while standing on a stool in the back room, when he was too little to reach the bench properly. The recipe was his father's, and Mr. White has no plans to pass the recipe on. The shop made extra for the last few weeks of trading to satisfy all the customers who wished to fill their freezers with them while they yet might. The Polony sausage and "Yorkshire Ducks" (like faggots or rissoles) also used recipes exclusive to the business.

Mr. White says that he has always enjoyed his work, and there has never been a day when he wished he did not have to go to work. His shop, with the cheerful countenances of Mr. White and his assistant, (also called Victor), will be sadly missed in Bacup town centre, and all Rossendale wishes him and his wife well in his well-deserved retirement.

The two Victors outside the shopService with a Smile in the shop

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