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Quality Warranty and Terms of Business

Quality Warranty

  1. Where appropriate, as soon as the Project is accepted we will summarize to you in writing its scope and anticipated timescale.
  2. We will carry out the Project to the best of our professional ability, and within such timescale as may be agreed with you.
  3. We will keep confidential all information and documents relating to your business disclosed to us by you in the course of carrying out the Project, and will continue to do so after the Project has been completed.
  4. All documents provided to us by you in connection with the Project shall remain your property and shall be returned on demand.
  5. Copyright in all work prepared by us for you shall remain vested in you after completion of the Project.
  6. Any part of the work within the Project prepared by us found to be defective shall be remedied at no extra cost to you.

Terms of Business

  1. Unless otherwise agreed, we shall be entitled to be paid at the agreed price or hourly rate (plus V.A.T.) for all time directly attributable to the Project, together with all directly attributable expenses.
  2. Our fees are due on presentation of invoice. Interim invoices may be submitted for payment whilst the Project is still current. Interest may be charged on an invoice outstanding 30 days from the date stated on that invoice at the rate of 2% per month.
  3. The Project may be terminated by you at any time without notice. On termination, we will be entitled to be paid on the hourly basis, as set out herein, the balance of any fee due from the date of last invoice.

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